Vin-X Fine Wine Investment

Vin-X Fine Wine InvestmentI am founder and CEO of Vin-X Fine Wine Investments, we have been trading since 2010 and are market leaders in the fine wine market, already established in Russia and looking to branch out into China and India very soon.

With a team of professional stockbrokers and wine specialists, Vin-X maximise their clients’ investments by ensuring access to the most promising Bordeaux vintages available.

The Vin-X systems are focused on providing wine investors with the opportunity to own some of the best performing investment wines in the world, whilst protecting their interests.

Investing in wine with Vin-X provides access to a stable and liquid investment class with a track record of delivering double-digit growth over time. Wine investment has out-performed many traditional asset classes including FTSE 100, S&P 500, other equity related products, such as bonds, and commodities, for example, oil and gold over time.

Key reasons to invest with Vin-X:

• Vin-X concentrates on the investment wines of the top 20 Bordeaux Chateaux guaranteeing an exit for investors
• Vin-X specialises in identifying new wine investment opportunities with strong growth potential
• The fine wine investment market has a global value of around US$4bn with growing demand and finite supply
• Vin-X has a track record of beating the market trend and delivering value
• As founding members of the Wine Investment Association, Vin-X operating systems are designed to protect investors in wine
• Vin-X now offers wine investment services in the UK, Russia and Monaco
• Vin-X is one of the key industry commentators and regularly features in the media including BBC Radio 2 and 4, CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox TV plus national and trade press.