Help in the community

“You only get out of life, what you are prepared to put in!”

Here is a flavour of some other activities I have been happy to be associated with over the years;-

Moon Hall School for the Dyslexic

In early 2001, I was asked to join the board of governors at Moon Hall School in Surrey, led by the inspirational husband and wife team David and Berry Baker, it was a request I was happy to oblige. As a dyslexic myself, and with a child of my own attending the school, I knew how important professional help could be. Berry Baker’s team of skilful, caring dedicated leaders and assistants leaves me very humble of the extraordinary work they do every day. Whilst serving as a governor, the board decided that Moon Hall needed to reach more children. After travelling up and down the country, the solution was found closer to home with the acquisition of Bury’s Court in Surrey. I was delighted to play a part in the acquisition of Bury’s Court and add to the history and development of David and Berry Baker’s life work.

Betchworth and Buckland Children’s Nursery

Around the same time as Moon Hall, I was asked to join the governors of the Betchworth Nursery as they were planning to renovate an air-raid shelter in the grounds of the school and turn it into a purpose built nursery. Led by a dedicated team of passionate teachers, I along with the governors managed to raise enough funds to complete the project. Today, you will see toddlers enjoying village life in the grounds of the school, thanks to the efforts of a small village and Surrey County Council.

C.A.M.E.L – Chairman

The Campaign Against Mineral Extraction and Landfill of the green belt in and around Reigate.

Dorking Rugby Club Coach/Junior Chairman

I enjoyed coaching various ages of junior rugby at Dorking, a well run Rugby club in the traditional sense, and was later to serve as junior chairman for one season. During that time I helped to develop and sponsor the first ever coach’s kit.

Middle Street Land Limited

I am honoured to serve as chairman of this (Brockham) village initiative. The residents of Brockham raised funds to purchase a piece of land threatened with development. It is now held by almost 100 residents.
Brockham Village Hall and Club – Board Member

The Village hall and club needed help in developing a strategic plan to upgrade its facilities for the greater benefit of the community; we have now applied for and obtained lottery funding for the hall